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We have encountered a peculiar problem.

If we deploy our application and then restart the weblogic portal server; and we do a load test, the load test fails with very high response time and low throughput. If we the load test a second time, it runs just fine.

If we just deploy our application, but don't restart the weblogic portal server then the loadtest runs fine.

ANy hints are very helpful

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It sounds like the HotSpot JVM warming up - when you restart the server as well, there is just more code to compile. Whenever you're benchmarking or load testing a Java application, it's a good idea to give it a gentle hammering beforehand to get all the code compiled that's going to be compiled. This is particularly true of server applications that will be running for a long time.

Update: I thought I should clarify that of course everything is already compiled to bytecode and I was referring to the JVM's additional compilation in to native code.

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Yes, you've got to compile everything prior to the load test run. I would suggest some test automation which hits all the pages you will be hitting in your load test. Selenium, QTP, whatever functional test automation tool you have in house. – Tom E Jun 24 '09 at 14:30

there is something that is lazy? tipically servlets are loaded on demand

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We are Precompiling while creating the EAR and then all the config params are set to Precompline and also not to recompile and not check if file modified etc.

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