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What is the difference between,

  • MIT licence

    - GPLv2 Sorry I didn't had a clue that GPL is GNU

  • GNU licence

As I tried to read those licensing agreements but I could not understand those legal obligations. I wanted know wether I can use a plugin which licence their source code under GPLv2 licence. I am developing a website for a client and he might make this application commercial, However I have asked him for a permission to give full credit on their website for the source code I am using.

Is it okay to use GPLv2 licensed code on commercial website? we are okay to give full credit for that plugin.

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What "GNU license" are you looking at that you think is something different from the GPL? – Joe White Apr 29 '12 at 1:23
Ohh so GNU and GPL are same? sorry my bad! – doNotCheckMyBlog Apr 29 '12 at 1:25

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What I understand for those license is ;

GNU : Do whatever you want to do including charging fees with GNU GPL license.

GNU LGPL : Less freedom than GPL (don't make it profit from code)

MIT : Free to do anything with one condition, MIT license attached.

For more you can take a look at this page, I think it's well summarized

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Perfecto! Thanks! – doNotCheckMyBlog Apr 29 '12 at 1:53

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