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I have an exact copy of this flaskr folder. I ran the application. Everything works as expected but one thing. My blog application is not styled even though I have a 'style.css' file in the folder names static.

In the .html files of the template folder it seems the author forgot to put quotes. So I added quotes such that those files now look like this (layout.html, logout.html and show_entries.html . But it didn't change anything, still see an unstyled blog. Does anyone know why the style is not applied?

Edit: I restarted the app. And all of a sudden I get an OperationalError: no such table exists: entries(see here). Yesterday I filled in 1 entry in the blog, but it worked fine and correctly displayed the entry except for the style. Now all of a sudden the first time I run the application today I get this completely new error. I recopied all files again just like in the author's folder to make sure its the exact same flaskr folder of the author. I get the same error.

Can somebody copy the author's flaskr folder and run python flaskr.py in the flaskr directory to see if it works for them? So at least I know then that the source is correct or not.

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For the edit: I forgot to run: >>> from flaskr import init_db; init_db() (see readme file).

I don't know why the style did not apply last time, but now it does.

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The style sheets might not be loading

Use a tool like firebug to make sure the style sheets are actually being loaded

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