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I'm trying to get a hello world web application running with Nancy. It does not compile on and highlights the Get["/"] = parameters => "Hello World"; and does not recognize this symbol.

I must be missing something simple but can't find anything on the web on this problem.


  1. Created a new ASP.NET Web Application
  2. Using NuGet got and installed Nancy.Hosting.Aspnet
  3. Checked that the web.config was configured by NuGet and it looks right
  4. added a new class which has this code:

    using Nancy;
    namespace test2
        public class MainModule : NancyModule
            Get["/"] = parameters => "Hello World";

    Result: Get["/"] = parameters => "Hello World"; doesn't compile

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Can't find anything on the web? The 7 line sample on the homepage should be enough to show you where you went wrong :-) – Steven Robbins Apr 30 '12 at 7:15

You need to put your route declaration inside the constructor of the MainModule. Putting the declaration straight into the body, of the class, in not a valid C# syntax.

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