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I have a simple, single-file Java program that functions on it's own just fine, but it's command line only. I wanted to try using Processing to give it an interface and some animations.

Is that possible?

I have .pde with a .java in the same folder so that when I open my sketch I can see the .java in another tab. In my sketch file I threw in some basic setup() and draw(), but when I run it I get an InstantiationException. Has anyone tried something like this successfully?

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By the way, I'm referring to Processing.org Processing. processing.org – Michael Gruber Apr 29 '12 at 2:19
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Just ran a basic test and all compiles fine with Processing 1.5.1 :

void setup(){
  new Test();
//Test.java in separate tab
class Test{
  Test(){   System.out.println("Hello!"); }

What version of Processing are you using ? Could you share some code for testing ?

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The problem I was having (I believe) stemmed from attempting to call a class in my .java file with the same name as my .pde ...Sigh. Oh, well. I changed the name and it worked like a charm. Thank you for the response, though. An up-vote and a check for you, sir. – Michael Gruber Apr 29 '12 at 20:18
Thank you very much kind sir :) Btw, the Processing 'IDE' is ok for quick'n'dirty sketches, but at the moment it's more like an enhanced text editor than an IDE, so for larger projects I don't recommend it. One other thing it does is pack all your 'tabs' into a single Java PApplet that gets compiled. If you're comfortable with Java and eclipse I recommend giving the Proclipsing plugin a try. Goodluck ! – George Profenza Apr 29 '12 at 21:44

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