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I am trying to store a integer that i am reading from the user into a array, however when i try to store it into my array my data becomes unaligned.

This first block of code is where i initialize all the data. (Under the 1. is where i am trying to store the integer )

P_INT        = 1      #Syscall to print integer(value)
P_STRING     = 4      #Syscall to print a string(addr)
P_CHAR       = 11     #Syscall to print a char(char)
R_INT        = 5      #Syscall to read a integer(none)
EXIT         = 10     #Exit program(none)

        .asciiz "\n"        

'#Space for the bored.

        .space     578

'#The current node to be read in
        .word      0 

'#Size of the bored
        .space     4
'#Plus sign
        .asciiz "+"
        .asciiz "-"

Right here is where it becomes unaligned (the sw right after 2.) . The strange thing is that i am doing the exact same thing later (in the third code block) except that i am storing it in the size array.

'#Grabs user input for the bored and stores it

        li       $v0,R_INT     '#Read next node and store it    
        sw       $v0,0($s1)

        addi     $s1,$s1,4    ' #Increment next node addr

        lw       $a0,0($s1)
        j        prnt_node

At the store word (under the 3. ) it stores the read in integer fine.

        la        $s0, size      ' #Store the variable addr's
        la        $s1, board_rep  

        li        $v0,R_INT      ' #Get user input(size of bored)
        sw        $v0,0($s0)     ' #Store the size of bored

        jal       get_board_rep      

I thought maybe the array was too large but i changed it to 4 (the same size that the other array that worked). But it still was unaligned.

Thanks in advance . This is a project and i know some people don't like helping with stuff like this. But i have done my homework and i cannot find a answer anywhere.

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I figured it out, apparently the two space allocations needed to be right after one another. Otherwise it would unalign the data. I am not sure if this is exactly what is going on here but it fixed my problem. Seems a bit weird does anyone know if this is true for all MIPS programs? –  user975911 Apr 29 '12 at 3:50
Did you bring board_rep down to size, or carry size up to board_rep? –  Musa Apr 29 '12 at 4:57

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That doesn't look aligned to me, and if i'm wrong try explicitly aligning it anyway.

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I did do a .align 2 in the code it is just not shown in any of these snippets. –  user975911 Apr 29 '12 at 2:54
Well if your having alignment issues, posting alignment code might be relevant –  Musa Apr 29 '12 at 3:02

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