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what do you suggest as a cross platform "almost all encompassing" abstraction toolkit/library, not necessarily gui oriented?

the project should at some point include an extremely minimal web server and a "db" of some sort (basically to have indexes/btrees, maybe relations, so a rdbms is desiderable but avoidable if necessarily, sql might be overkill)

i was thinking about qt, boost, tokyo cabinet and/or sqlite; what else? what is "best suited"?

i would like to keep platform customization and overall execution footprint at minimum...

thank you in advance

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For a minimal webserver, I think you're fine using Boost.Asio and sqlite -- it's quite portable, and should have everything you need. Remember that the C/C++ runtimes also provide portable abstractions for many things, so be sure to check those first (especially if a minimum overhead is required -- it might be simply easier to use C runtime functions than Boost.Filesystem).

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thank you everyone, i had to choose only one answer but every answer is very informative, will especially look into moongoose and poco if boost+boost.asio is not enough. – user120747 Jun 24 '09 at 9:24

You can also look at Firebird as a cross platform database

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You should definitely take a look at Poco.

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For my own similar purposes I use mongoose for web serving and sqlite for the database. Both are very high-quality products, but unfortunately are written in C. However, they are very simple to embed in C++ applications, and I have written simple C++ wrappers for both of them.

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