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I need two levels of authentication in a Rails app using the same username. One to login and a second to view more sensitive areas such as billing and credit card info. The first level is implemented with Devise. For second level can I use Devise again a different model like setting? Cancan require separate logins.

Not sure of the best approach.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

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I think second part is related to authorization you can use cancan as per my guess. – Amar Apr 29 '12 at 8:52
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This problem is so unconventional that it seems there can not be used a ready solution. In my opinion, dual authorization is not necessary in this case (the second password is usually used to confirm some action, not for a second authorization), but sometimes we do not choose such things.

Dirty solution would be to hold another encrypted password, and when you enter to second level give the user a different role temporarily. This role will be checked at the cancan. The role resets during for a while or at the next login (so that an attacker have not at the same time access to billing). I think it's very rough, but a quick solution.

This is just my 50 cents, I doubt that this is a good solution.

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