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I cannot figure out how to write query for checking date.

For example;

Rooms table; room_id, number_of_rooms, checkin(date: 1/05/2012), checkout(date:14/05/2012);

I want to write a query which check for entered date by user (checkin and checkout date) with rooms tabel(checkin and checkout date);

The idea is to know whether period of time entered by user is between check in and check out date of rooms table

Something like this;

select * from romms 
where checkin and checkout date is not among user_entered_checkin and user_entered_checkeout
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WHERE (checkin IS NOT BETWEEN user_entered_checkin AND user_entered_checkout)
  AND (checkout IS NOT BETWEEN user_entered_checkin AND user_entered_checkout)
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I am wondering whether, it can work in situation such as checkin =user_entered_checkin and checkout =user_entered_checkout – Akram Apr 29 '12 at 6:29
Assuming you don't want those results it should. BETWEEN is inclusive (>=/<=) and this is the negation (</>). – Quail Apr 29 '12 at 6:41
Let me check it out, I will let you know – Akram Apr 29 '12 at 7:15

If you want ranges from the table that are completely outside the user-entered range, then you could go like this:

WHERE checkin  > user_entered_checkout
   OR checkout < user_entered_checkin

If you want rows where the ranges are at least partly outside the user-entered range, then the condition could be this:

WHERE checkin  < user_entered_checkin
   OR checkout > user_entered_checkout
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