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    <TextBlock x:Name="Txt" Text="{Binding fieldA}" />

I want to do the equivalent of the above XAML programatically (There is more to the XAML, I have only shown the relevant bits). So far I have got:

DataTemplate newDataTemplate = new DataTemplate();
TextBlock newTextBlock = new TextBlock();
newTextBlock.SetBinding(TextBlock.TextProperty, new Binding("fieldA"));
newTextBlock.Name = "txt";

So how do I now add the TextBlock to the DataTemplate.. i.e. I want to do something like:

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var newTextBlock = new FrameworkElementFactory(typeof(TextBlock));
newTextBlock.Name = "txt";
newTextBlock.SetBinding(TextBlock.TextProperty, new Binding("fieldA"));
DataTemplate newDataTemplate = new DataTemplate(){VisualTree = newTextBlock};

I think you should look at this question.

How do I create a datatemplate with content programmatically?

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this isn't working.. the TextBlock never makes it to the DataTemplate's tree surely there is a way to just slap the TextBlock into the DataTemplate's tree. – jsj Apr 29 '12 at 6:55
@trideceth12: By the way, this is deprecated. – H.B. Jul 23 '12 at 4:53

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