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I wish to make sure that the number a person provides, is a legit HttpStatusCode.

At first I thought of using Enum.TryParse(..) or Enum.Parse(..) but it's possible I get an invalid result with some bad data provided..


In: Enum.Parse(typeof (HttpStatusCode), "1")
Out: 1

In: Enum.Parse(typeof (HttpStatusCode), "400")
Out: BadRequest

In: Enum.Parse(typeof (HttpStatusCode), "aaa")
Out: System.ArgumentException: Requested value 'aaa' was not found.

Ok, so if I pass in a bad aaa value, I get the System.Argument exception. But when I pass in a number 1 (as text, not an int) i get the return value of 1. I would have expected this to fail and throw an exception.

Passing a value of 400 does return the correct BadRequest enumeration.

Any ideas, folks?

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Instead of trying to parse the value simply us the IsDefined method

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Sir/Lady, you are a Gentleman/Gentlewoman and a Scholar! /me whispers Woot^Woot! –  Pure.Krome Apr 29 '12 at 7:06

That is the documented behaviour:

If value is a name that does not correspond to a named constant of enumType, the method throws an ArgumentException. If value is the string representation of an integer that does not represent an underlying value of the enumType enumeration, the method returns an enumeration member whose underlying value is value converted to an integral type. If this behavior is undesirable, call the IsDefined method to ensure that a particular string representation of an integer is actually a member of enumType.

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Well found. I did skim through the docs at lightspeed and missed this very important paragraph. Well spotted! –  Pure.Krome Apr 29 '12 at 7:07

why dont you check if its in this enum :

public enum HttpStatusCode
    Accepted = 0xca,
    Ambiguous = 300,
    BadGateway = 0x1f6,
    BadRequest = 400,
    Conflict = 0x199,
    Continue = 100,
    Created = 0xc9,
    ExpectationFailed = 0x1a1,
    Forbidden = 0x193,
    Found = 0x12e,
    GatewayTimeout = 0x1f8,
    Gone = 410,
    HttpVersionNotSupported = 0x1f9,
    InternalServerError = 500,
    LengthRequired = 0x19b,
    MethodNotAllowed = 0x195,
    Moved = 0x12d,
    MovedPermanently = 0x12d,
    MultipleChoices = 300,
    NoContent = 0xcc,
    NonAuthoritativeInformation = 0xcb,
    NotAcceptable = 0x196,
    NotFound = 0x194,
    NotImplemented = 0x1f5,
    NotModified = 0x130,
    OK = 200,
    PartialContent = 0xce,
    PaymentRequired = 0x192,
    PreconditionFailed = 0x19c,
    ProxyAuthenticationRequired = 0x197,
    Redirect = 0x12e,
    RedirectKeepVerb = 0x133,
    RedirectMethod = 0x12f,
    RequestedRangeNotSatisfiable = 0x1a0,
    RequestEntityTooLarge = 0x19d,
    RequestTimeout = 0x198,
    RequestUriTooLong = 0x19e,
    ResetContent = 0xcd,
    SeeOther = 0x12f,
    ServiceUnavailable = 0x1f7,
    SwitchingProtocols = 0x65,
    TemporaryRedirect = 0x133,
    Unauthorized = 0x191,
    UnsupportedMediaType = 0x19f,
    Unused = 0x132,
    UseProxy = 0x131

var exists= Enum.IsDefined(typeof(HttpStatusCode),myEnumValue)
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Why not to convert all these hexadecimal numbers to decimals? It just looks like a deliberate obfuscation.. –  Funbit Feb 27 '13 at 3:24

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