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i know how to get number if it single :

int levels = Convert.ToInt32(xdoc.Descendants("level1")

but when i have dupticate number in level2, i don't know how to get both number1 and number2 ( of course, the code for the same if i have number3, number4 or more)

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var levels = (xdoc.Descendants("level1")
                  .Select(e => (int)e)).ToList(); 

This will give you a list of integers. If you want an array instead use ToArray()

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thanks for your code. I was used this code but when i show levels by messagebox, i just see 1 item is : "23" in array[0]. And "ToList" is the same. Can i see 2 items with "foreach" command ? And how can i do it for the Attributes of node ? My code is : MessageBox.Show(levels[0].ToString()); – user1259366 Apr 29 '12 at 12:56

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