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I want to put all the names of files in a dir to a variable. I wrote as below:

for LOOP in $DATA
    echo $LOOP

But there're some file names include the blank. Then the file named "A B.txt" will be interpreted to two files "A" and "B.txt".

How to solve this problem?

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Don't parse the output of ls, that almost always will get you in trouble.

Just use:

for loop in * ; do
 echo "$loop"
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While the advice not to parse ls output is a general wisdom the command can be coerced to output parseable data:

   `ls -b`

would replace nongraphic characters including spaces with C-style escapes.

Yet this would not work in with shell for loop, however can be used when the output is sent through a pipe to another command.


  $ ls -b
  A\ B.txt  C.txt

Fails in a for loop:

  $ for i in $(ls -b) ; do echo $i ; done

Yet works when sent through a pipe

  $ ls -b | xargs -n 1 echo 
  A B.txt
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