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i have been facing serious trouble in making work cucumber-js in windows.

i start thinking does it worth it, the time i have spent with installing node.js and cucumber.

well i installed node.js from .msi file. it went ok.

I installed cucumber via locally from package.json

the node_modules folder has been created under my project folder.

there is a file within folder name .bin called cucumber.js

so when i tap that file via command line i got a scrip error saying character error

if [ -x "`dirname "$0"`/node" ]; then
  "`dirname "$0"`/node"  "`dirname "$0"`/./node_modules/cucumber/bin/cucumber.js" "$@"
  node  "`dirname "$0"`/./node_modules/cucumber/bin/cucumber.js" "$@"
exit $ret

#!/bin/sh this shebang did not recognized and gives script error. is this thing pythonish thing? should i install python.

is there anyone who has used cucumber-js for bdd for javascript? is there any other frameworks where i could continue leverage my gherkin files which i already written for specflow?

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It is a bug and will be fixed by #60.

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thanks, julien. sorry for duplication it was in during my desperate feltdown. :) –  mobygeek Apr 30 '12 at 16:09
heh, no problem. –  jbpros Apr 30 '12 at 18:43

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