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I have a byte array which I can split into n blocks. Is there a .NET standard library function that will supply an additional m blocks, such that if I later lost up to m blocks of the combined n+m blocks, a second function could reconstruct the original byte array? (Given the remainging blocks and an indication of which blocks are missing.)

If not the .NET standard library, are there any third-party libraries available?

(I don't want to prejudice answers by suggesting a particular algorithm.)

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I think doing it exactly the way you want is impossible. If I take the extreme example of blocks of size 1 bit and m = 1, you can detect one bit of error, but not reconstruct the original. –  svick Apr 29 '12 at 10:09
You could reconstruct it if you know which bit is missing. I'll edit the question to clarify this point. Thanks. –  billpg Apr 29 '12 at 10:23

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You can see the method Utility.EncodeRs which will do Reed-Solomon Encoding.

(My memory is a bit rusty, but I believe that adding m blocks will allow you to lose up to m blocks with RS.)

Note that this is in the .NET micro framework, not .NET standard, so you might need to install something new.

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