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Using : Guice 3

I would like to know how to create a TypeLiteral from a generic method parameterType (to inject it with an injector).

Here is an example :

Context :

bind(new TypeLiteral<Set<String>>(){}).toInstance(x);
bind(new TypeLiteral<Set<Integer>>(){}).annotatedWith(INJECTOR.class).toInstance(y);

public class Foo

public void bar(Injector injector, Set<String> param, @INJECTOR Set<Integer> value)


public class Example
Injector injector;

public void methodInjector()
    Method[] fooMethods = Foo.class.getMethods();
    for(Method m : fooMethods)
        for(Class<?> c : m.getParameter.getParameterTypes())
            Object o = injector.getInstance(c); 

              this work for simple Type like "Injector" but 
              don't work for generic type (Set<String>, List<Set<String>>, ...).



Obviously injecting java.util.Set don't work in my case... Maybe there is a trick with TypeLiteral to do it...

I hope that my explanation is clear, Thanks.

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As I understand you correctly here you have explained how accessing generic types at runtime. If you want to get parameter type of all classes it is impossible.

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It could be possible cause Guice may use it when methods are annotated with @Inject annotation, no ? – pass1 Apr 29 '12 at 11:03
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I found a solution using TypeLiteral.getParameterTypes(Member)

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