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I am a bit new to using Mongoid, but have significant experience with ActiveRecord. I have the following models

def Company
  field :name

  has_one :owner, autosave: true, class_name: 'User', inverse_of: :company
  accepts_nested_attributes_for :owner

def User
  belongs_to :company, inverse_of: :owner
  has_one :profile

My RegistrationController has the following method

def new 
  @company = Company.new
  respond_with @company

And in my view...

= simple_form_for @company, url: user_registration_path do |f| 
  = f.error_notification
    = f.simple_fields_for @company.owner do |o| 
      = o.input :email, required: true, autofocus: true
      = o.simple_fields_for @company.owner.profile do |p| 
        = p.input :first_name, required: true
        = p.input :last_name, required: true
      = f.input :name, label: 'Company Name'
      = f.input :subdomain
      = o.input :password, required: true
      = o.input :password_confirmation, required: true
    = f.button :submit, "Sign up"

Whenever I submit this form, the params are returned such that:

     "profile"=>{"first_name"=>"testing", "last_name"=>"testing"},
 "commit"=>"Sign up",

Firstly, I don't understand why the user attributes have the key :user, shouldn't it be :user_attributes or :owner_attributes? The examples on the mongoid website seem to suggest that. Secondly when i do company = Company.new(params[:company]) and do company.owner on that object I get a nil object. However, doing company.user returns me that correct user object. I've figured out that if in the params the key is :owner (instead of :user) the association should work fine. But that is not happening by default. Maybe it is something to do with simpleform? Any help is much appreciated!

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I would try removing simple_form from the equation and just use the standard form_for/fields_for methods. Also, make sure your models declare accept_nested_fields_for for the associated objects. Does it work if you change Company to have a :user association instead of :owner? –  OzBandit May 17 '12 at 22:20
did you find a solution? –  baj May 27 '12 at 18:31

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The field should be called owner as that is the name of the field in your model.

What happens when you call it user is that mongoid creates a dynamic field in the model - company[user]. This is the correct behavior and quite a powerful tool when used correctly.

I don't know simple_form but the way to do this in standard rails is to call f.fields_for :owner, which should give you the functionality you expect.

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