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Can I use node.js npm and on google app engine

or suggest some low-cost or free solution on cloud that provide a module becouse I need this for realtime omunication with server

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The node wiki maintaining a list of hosting providers. There you can find different types of both free and paid plans for node hosting.

One hosting provider is They only have one plan but it is totally free. Sadly you need an invite.

You can't use Node with Google App Engine (GAE) - it's not one of the supported languages - but there are some other JavaScript implementations you can read about: Is it possible to develop a Google App Engine web app using Node.js or some other server side JavaScript approach?

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You would need to configure a Google Compute Engine instance to run a node application.

share|improve this answer It's free and sockets are working just fine.

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Nodejitsu is only free for open source projects, as far as I can see: – Predrag Stojadinović Jan 27 '14 at 13:48

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