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I am reorganizing 3 different implementations of a library in Java (built with Maven), C++ built with CMake and Python in a Git repository. One simplistic way is to simply have 3 top level directories Java, C++ and Python and put all code underneath it. An alternative is to use the Maven directory structure, that is, put Java code under src/main/java, c++ code under src/main/cpp, Python code under src/main/python. Similarly for tests (src/test/java etc.).

Are there any recommendations on how this should be done? Ideally, if you could point me to some open source project with Java, C++ and Python code, I could study how their codebase is organized. What would be good candidates?

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I recommend you to go with the latter case, the Maven directory structure. It is not only a Java Maven specific conventions. Hence, other programming languages will fit good into that structure, for instance:


For some you will even find corresponding Maven plugins. Anyway, there are no recommendations per ses, but it is heavily used that way.

Please also see the answers to the following question which were also answered with respect to other languages than Java: Java project directory structure convention

I also have projects which contain multiple codes, both each of them belong to different components, for instance:

  • Client written in Java
  • Server written in Python

Then I create folders for each component since it does not belong together as the other project structure would imply.

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