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I'm new to Clojure and I need Clojure to do a simple task for me, which is equivalent to the following Java code:

MappedByteBuffer out = new RandomAccessFile("file", "rw").getChannel().map(FileChannel.MapMode.READ_WRITE, 0, 100);

However Clojure is a dynamic language, map() returns DirectByteBuffer instead of MappedByteBuffer. I wish to use setInt() method, which is a member of MappedByteBuffer. Is there a way to tell Clojure to use methods in MappedByteBuffer instead of DirectByteBuffer?


BTW this is my try:

(defprotocol MfileP
  (at     [this pos])
  (get-i  [this])
  (set-i  [this val])
  (resize [this size])
  (fsize  [this]))

(defrecord Mfile [fc buf] MfileP
  (at     [this pos]  (.position buf pos))
  (get-i  [this]      (.getInt buf))
  (set-i  [this val]  (.setInt buf val))
  (resize [this size] (assoc this :buf (.map fc FileChannel$MapMode/READ_WRITE 0 size)))
  (fsize  [this]      (.size fc)))

(defn open [path]
  (let [fc (.getChannel (new RandomAccessFile path "rw"))]
    (let [buf (.map fc FileChannel$MapMode/READ_WRITE 0 (.size fc))]
      (Mfile. fc buf))))

the form (set-i) throws an exception, because Clojure is looking for .setInt in DirectMapBuffer.

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You don't say how you think you've established that map() is returning DirectByteBuffer. It isn't - It is returning a subclass of the abstract class MappedByteBuffer without doubt.

There is no method MappedByteBuffer#setInt(int) according to JDK docs.

You should code to the interface.


java.nio.FileChannel#map(...) javadocs

java.nio.MappedByteBuffer javadocs

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