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I'm wondering about this:

NOTE: be careful about when you use partial collections, as rendering an array with a length of 100 means we have to render 100 views. For simple collections you may inline the iteration instead of using partial collection support to decrease overhead.

So it`s not a good idea to do it like this?

<%- partial('overall_header.ejs') %>
<!-- Content of the website -->
<%- partial('overall_footer.ejs') %>

Or shouldn't I use variables and arrays in partial?

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"Note" that you metioned refers to rendering partial for large arrays, as in guide:

partial('comment', comments);

Where "comments" is large array.

In your example overall_header and overall_footer are rendered just once, which is fine. No considerable overhead.

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Thanks you! .... –  raxer Apr 29 '12 at 12:04

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