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I'd like to ask if is there a way to create a very simple app that automatically retweets only one or two users of my following list. I don't want to use an external website or a desktop app to do it, nor a mobile one.. I'd like to just have an app in my twitter account settings that does it. Is this impossible? If it is possible, where should I write the code? If it is impossible, and the app MUST be connected with a website, how do I make the website to be continuously checking in order to be "automatic"?

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No you can't put it in twitter. Easiest way is to create web application (because you will have to authenticate yourself in order to access your twitter stream programmatically)

You don't have to be "continuously checking" - all you have to do is run your application few times a day - get tweets and retweet one. You can automate it by using CRON (on Linux webhosting) or Task Scheduler on a Windows machine.

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thank you Brett, so basically I have to create a web application, which is a webpage that does it or a program running on a webserver? –  AMdP May 4 '12 at 12:52

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