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I have a window, which I set setContentBorderThickness:42 forEdge:NSMinYEdge.

Now, when I do [[window contentSize] frame] it still shows the dimensions of the window (minus the top bar with title and buttons), but it wont subtract the 42 of the border thickness.

Please, how do I get the proper dimensions of the empty area?

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You should use not contentSize but contentView. And if You use 42 pixels height BorderThickness than just subtract that height from Your window view's height like this:

NSRect windowFrame = [[window contentView] frame];

windowFrame.size.height = windowFrame.size.height - [window contentBorderThicknessForEdge:NSMinYEdge];

NSLog(@"TRUE height: %f",windowFrame.size.height);
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Isn't there a way to subtracts it automatically? Alternatively, this 42 - where do I get it from, apart from remembering what I set in setContentBorderThickness? I mean, is there any getter, instance variable, ... where is it stored? –  Ecir Hana Apr 29 '12 at 14:45
Yes, to get automaticaly height You can do it like this: [window contentBorderThicknessForEdge:NSMinYEdge], look at updated code. –  Justin Boo Apr 29 '12 at 15:06

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