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I am using MongoDB to store information on coffees and I am having problems with a query.

My document structure is:

{ _id: "Thailand Bok", tags: ["Strong", "Smooth", "Dark"] }

I am trying to create query that allows me to search either on the name or tags.

So given that a query string may be "Thailand Bok" or ["Strong", "Smooth"] I want to search for requests that either contain the _id or each tag.

If I were thinking in SQL terms it may be something like this:

"WHERE `_id` like 'Not present%' OR ("Strong" IN `tags` AND "Smooth" IN `tags`)"

The query I have so far is:

    $or: [
      { _id: { $regex: '^Not present', '$options': 'i' } },
          $and: [ 
              { tags: 'Strong' }, 
              { tags: 'Smooth' } 

edit: correct a mistake in the query and clarified that it should work either if the _id matches OR the tags match

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how is that going for you? do you need the ' around the $and? – ämbi Apr 29 '12 at 13:06
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$and is only supported in version MongoDB 2.0+ I was using 1.8.2

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You query seems allright except for using curly braces instead of square braces for $or.

{$or: [
  {_id: {$regex: '^hailand', $options: 'i'} }, 
  {'$and': [
       {tags: 'Strong'}, 
       {tags: 'Smooth'}

Works just fine.

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Sorry that was a copy mistake. I have tried your query and it highlights my issue. When I copy yours directly ^hailand I get no search results. But if I use ^Thailand I do get search results. The outcome I am trying to get to is that you can match the name or the tags. – Linus Norton Apr 29 '12 at 13:36
That's strange, because when i run this query - i get the result: --- > db.items.find({$or: [{_id: {$regex: '^hailand', $options: 'i'} }, {'$and': [{tags: 'Strong'}, {tags: 'Smooth'}]}]}) --- { "_id" : "Thailand Bok", "tags" : [ "Strong", "Smooth", "Dark" ] } – daeq Apr 29 '12 at 13:41
... ah, the answer is I'm an idiot :) $and is only valid in 2.0+ I am using 1.8.2. Sorry. – Linus Norton Apr 29 '12 at 13:45

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