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I have the following json string ["a","b"] which I fetched from the url http://mysite.com. Here's the code:

NSString *urlString = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"http://mysite.com"];
NSURL *url = [NSURL URLWithString: urlString];
NSData *dataresult = [NSData dataWithContentsOfURL:url];
NSDictionary *json = [NSJSONSerialization JSONObjectWithData:dataresult options:kNilOptions error:&error];
NSLog(@"logging:%@", [json allKeys]);

The last line of this code crashed my application with a SIGBRT error. I noticed that I can't seem to access any elements in the NSDictionary with a numeric index as a key.

I just wnat to be able to do the PHP equivalent of:

echo $json[1]; //gives me a

I intend to load my json with more complex data objects, that are to be accessed via numeric keys.

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It's not an NSDictionary. You're retrieving NSArray and trying to ask NSArray to give you allKeys.

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