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I am creating a shopping cart and I have to allow a user to add a new address into the system. To do this I am kicking up a FancyBox (which loads an iFrame of a form).

When the FancyBox is closed I want to refresh a list of address options in a (basically, an AJAX query to a page with a ready prepared ). I can generate the new list no problem, but how would I refresh the options on closing the FancyBox (I am quite happy to empty the list and reload all of them into it)?

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If you close the form, the iFrame and the fancybox, it is'nt really in the parent window, is it ?

To just bind something to fancybox close event do:

    onClosed: function() {
        //generate new list here

add the onClosed handler to your fancybox instance, and the function will execute on fancybox close.

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