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On my website some pages are secure and some are not. I have a search form on each of my page (as a part of a template) and when I'm on https page and launch the search, the results page shows nothing. I know I must be loosing my posted data because of the redirection. Would excluding the results page from being redirected solve my problem? I want it to be http at all times. If that's the case - what exactly do I need to put inside of my .htaccess?

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Use a 307 Temporary Redirect. That should keep make the browser resend the POST data. –  Gerben Apr 29 '12 at 15:23

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If you ensure the search form uses 'http:searchurl' in the action rather than just 'searchurl' then it should work

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thank you, it worked! –  JaneVi Apr 29 '12 at 14:59

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