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I have 2 jQuery snippets 1st is toggle readonly and the 2nd is a submit form.

Toggle readonly:

$('#lock').toggle( function () {
    $('#handle').attr('readonly', true).addClass('disabled');
return false;
 } , function() {
  $('#handle').attr('readonly', false).removeClass('disabled');
return false;

Submit form:

$('button').click(function() {
var handle     = $('#handle').val();
var msg        = $('#msg').val();
var dataString = 'handle='+ handle + '&msg=' + msg;

if(handle=='' || msg=='') {
} else {

  type    : 'POST',
  url     : 'form.php',
  data    : dataString,
  success : function(){
 return false;

What I am trying to achieve is

if readonly = true do not reset "handle" value

otherwise reset both, so I need to get the status of the 1st snippet (toggle readonly) and allow the 2nd (form) to distinguish whether its true or false.

I tried this in success: but it didn't work.

if($('#handle').attr('readonly', true)){
    $('#handle, #msg').val('');
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Inspect output of the $('#handle').attr('readonly', true). Realize what the issue is. Fix it. –  Ilia G Apr 29 '12 at 14:34

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Try this code instead:

if ($('#handle').is('[readonly]')) {
else {
    $('#handle, #msg').val('');

Also for use

​$('#handle').prop('readonly', true)

instead of

$('#handle').attr('readonly', true)
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Thank you on both counts :) –  Anna Riekic Apr 29 '12 at 14:45

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