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I have an entity Image which has the property "categories". Categories is an instance of Doctrine's ArrayCollection and holds different Category objects.

I now want to fetch all Image objects containing the Category object "main".

With normal properties this looks like this:

$repository->findBy(array('category' => 'main'));

Is this also possible with Array properties or do I have to fetch the Images over the Category side?


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The ->findBy() method only works on the owning side of relations.

You can also create a custom method in your repostiory:

public function findByCategoryName($categoryName)
    return $this
        ->innerJoin('image.categories', 'category')
        ->where('category.name = :categoryName')
        ->setParameter('categoryName', $categoryName)
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Hi, would you self stick to inversing or owning side? Or would you leave out a ManyToMany Category <-> Image relation at all? –  bodokaiser Apr 30 '12 at 5:10
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