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I need to generate a list of booleans in prolog.

?- gener_booleans(Xs,3).
Xs = [true, true, true] ;
Xs = [true, true, false] ;
Xs = [false, false, false] ;

Here is link to another solution, but i do not know how to apply it to booleans. Get all sets of list in prolog Can anybody help? P.S the amount of lists is 2^N. Thanks!

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gener_booleans([true|Xs],N) :- N>0, N1 is N-1, gener_booleans(Xs,N1).
gener_booleans([false|Xs],N) :- N>0, N1 is N-1, gener_booleans(Xs,N1).
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If your Prolog has the maplist predicate (like SWI and YAP):

booleans(Xs, N) :-
    length(Xs, N),
    maplist(boolean, Xs).

(I renamed the predicate booleans because it can also check for booleans; prefer declarative names when programming in Prolog.)

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Also GNU-Prolog has maplist/2... But only YAP has library(lambda) preinstalled! Permitting: maplist(\X^(X=true;X=false), Xs). BTW: not sure: shall the type be it be bool or boolean? –  false Apr 29 '12 at 20:46

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