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I'm trying to return a list of json objects to the view, however it's not liking that its an object, it will work if i return a string or a list of strings. But really I don't need the whole object in the view, I really just need the name and the Id. How can i change this to return a list of the names and matching Id to the View and then insert/update all the names into a listbox? Any help is appreciated. :)

    public JsonResult GetUserStories(int id)
        var userstorylist = userRepository.Select().Where(x => x.EpicId.Equals(id)).ToList();
        var userstorynames = userstorylist.Select(x => x.Name);

        return Json(userstorynames, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);


          $.getJSON("/Estimate/GetUserStories", $.param({ id: selectedid }, true), function (result) {
            for (var item in result) {
                $(".UserStoryListBoxClass").append($("<option>" + result[item] + "</option>"));
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If your json result is something like this

[{"Id": "1","Name": "Skeet"},{"Id": "2","Name": "Darin"}]

The below code will work,

 $.getJSON("/Estimate/GetUserStories", $.param({ id: selectedid }, true), function (result) {
    var items="";
    $.each(result, function(index) {
       items+="<option value="+result[index].Id+">" + result[index].Name+ "</option>";

Working sample http://jsfiddle.net/CFdeW/14/

Never do the append method in the loop for adding elements to a drop down. Always store it into a variable and call the html method only once.

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Where does jsonData in the $.each come from? Thanks for response :) –  TMan Apr 29 '12 at 17:37
@TMan: That is same as of result. I used JsonData in example. updated my example now. –  Shyju Apr 29 '12 at 17:38
oh I gotcha, cool thx –  TMan Apr 29 '12 at 17:43

To return tuples with id and name you can do:

var userstorynames = userstorylist.Select(x => new { id = x.Id, name = x.Name }).ToList();
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