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I'm developing an application in Qt. I need to create a file in the location /usr/share/applications. The following is my code

  QFile launcherFile;
  int status = | QIODevice::Text);
  QTextStream stream(&launcherFile);
  stream<<"Create file";

I'm not getting any error while debugging but neither does the file get created. I think it is a privilege issue because the user I'm logged in as does not have privilege to access this folder. I have seen other applications like Synaptic Manager prompting for the administrative password before continuing towards the application. Similarly is there anyway in which I can pop up the dialog box asking for the password and get the credential to create the file as root user? What other ways are there to tackle this situation?

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I've just found an approach to the general problem of asking for root priviledges and doing something. Dio3 calls system() and passes the password to the cmd-level.. I don't know about a way to 'read a file through system and make QT-API happy, but you could change the file-permissions that way... but everyone doin' this to serious files should have security nightmares :)

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You could also use and configure appropriately sudo or super – Basile Starynkevitch Apr 29 '12 at 17:04

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