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Comparing strings in java

Had a look through relevent Qs, couldn't find the answer so now I'm asking.

Essentially I am writing a program in java to mimic the 'wc' unix tool. However I become unstuck when I use input commands such as "-w" and "-c"

If I set the corresponding args[x] value to test if its true such as:

Command line input: -w

therefore args[0] = -w

if (args[0] == "-w")
  { // do my codeness }

The problem is that this never returns true, I take it it has something to do with the ascii value of the '-' which is creating different values to the computer. How do I get around this or solve it?


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You should use equals() when comparing strings and not operator==

operator== checks for identity - if the two operands are the same objects, while equals() checks for equality - if the content of the two objects is equal.

change your condition to if ("-w".equals(args[0]))

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Solved all my problems. Thank you. –  user1364363 Apr 29 '12 at 16:36
@user1364363 If it solved your problems, please mark the answer as accepted :) –  Andres F. Apr 29 '12 at 17:31

args[] is an String array.

When comparing String in java you should use equals method instead of ==

== will check if two references point to the same object, whereas equals will check if two objects are meaningfully same.

So if I have

String str1 = "A";

String str2 = "A";

str1 == str2 will result in true as Java will create only one instance of String object with value A.

But if my code was like

String str1 = new String("A");

String str2 = new String("A");

str1 == str2 will result in false we are forcing to create new String object with value A,

note creating String with new String() constructor is not recommended.

but str1.equals(str2) will result in true as it will check if the content of two objects are same.

Off topic: To compare without case you have equalsIgnoreCase API.

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Solved all my problems. Thank you. –  user1364363 Apr 29 '12 at 16:36

In addition to using String.equals() instead of == as others have suggested, I highly recommend looking into libraries to handle command line options in a nicer, convenient way, such as the Apache Commons CLI library:


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