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I need a way to play a relatively large avi files (1+ GB) on the web with their subtitles, I have searched a lot for this, the only thing that I came up with was a normal embed without controls and it requires specific browser or application to show controls or even play.

I have a large number of files (12 TB) so converting these files to mp4 would take ages not to mention having to miss with quality of audio or video.

Is there a way that allows me to play these online along with their subtitls or should I convert these to MP4 ? I have tried to convert a file to MP4 and it didn't play either apparently it hits the browser limits or something (I tried playing it using flowplayer).

I was considering a solution like red5, but as I found out it doesn't support avi either.

I used this command to convert the mp4

ffmpeg -y -i $file.avi -vcodec copy -acodec copy -copyts -f mp4 $file.mp4

It toke relatively long time to get converted, if you have a better command or a solution that will work for playing the avis without converting, Please be my guest.

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If you are serious about wanting help you will upload a sample of the video.

ffmpeg -t 10 -i file.avi -c copy clip.avi
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I am not talking about 1 video, please be more specific, sample of which video (by size, length ...etc) and what do you need the sample for? – Tareq May 7 '12 at 14:55

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