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I need this displayfor to update its value from using jquery. I tried .val() and .text() but neither worked, is there a special way to do this for Displays, I need it to be and stay as a Display. Also can the style not be set for Displays? I never could get that to work, it works for TextboxFor. Thanks for any tips.

 Estimated Time: @Html.DisplayFor(model => model.EstimatedTime, new { @class = "TitleEstTimeClass", @style = "color: green" })

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DisplayFor generates a label HTML tag <label id="myId" class="myClass">Some Text</label>. (INCORRECT)


I was wrong and thought you were using the LabelFor helper. The DisplayFor helper outputs no HTML markup (like a label or span tag). If you want this to work with the DisplayFor helper, you will need to wrap the DisplayFor tag with a <span> or something similar like below:

<span class="TitleEstTimeClass" style="color: green">
   @Html.DisplayFor(model => model.EstimatedTime)

Given this, try using the .html() JQuery property like below - it really is no different than updating the text in div or span:


Also, be sure that your JQuery call is in the appropriate <script></script> tags and that the function that you are calling is actually being fired. I am not sure if the above code is straight from your project or just snippets, but as written above, nothing will happen.

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using just the <label></label> how can I then call my model => model.EstimatedTime though? and have it in "Some Text" –  TMan Apr 29 '12 at 18:01
oh well it didn't work keeping like I had it, however the .html did work when I just created a normal label and just put a DisplayTextFor inside of it. –  TMan Apr 29 '12 at 18:59
Just updated my answer - please see the EDIT for more details as to why is still wasn't working for you and why you had to do what you did in your last comment. PS - I would use a span tag over a label tag for consistency (this is not asssociated with a form field, thus is not really a label) –  Tommy Apr 29 '12 at 19:45

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