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This is my first post to stack! I have an absolutely positioned div that has it's width defined by left and right positioning. so that it always leaves a 81 pixel gap between it and the body element. this div has child elements that fill it 100% and I use javascript (jqm) to display the child elements. When some elements are visible the div will leave the 81px gap and other times it fills the body 100%. When it fills the body 100% margin declarations don't work either. If I set the width property it will obey that. I would like this to be solved with just css.

Here is my test page http://moondoggies.junxionmarketing.com/mtower/test.html

To see the problem you have to shrink your window size to below 650px then click the menu button. and then click one of the top two menu items. Please view this using chrome as I haven't tested the latest changes in all browsers. I know that I have some of the hackiest javascript your eyes will see without bleeding. So beware! lol

Thank you for looking into my problem! I am very impressed by the help a stranger nature of this site. You guys have solved more problems of mine then you'll ever know.

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Is this the div that has style="left:100%; margin-left:-81px"? Where is it supposed to end up? –  Mr Lister Apr 29 '12 at 19:40
yes, but that the wrong div. When you click the menu button the page is positioned left to expose the menu that is under neath. The menu beings sized by: left: 0, right: 81px in the css –  exbm Apr 29 '12 at 21:12
Sorry, you lost me now. Multiple Menu buttons and Back buttons that aren't always there don't really help. Can you do a screenshot of where you are when it goes wrong and explain what needs to change? –  Mr Lister Apr 29 '12 at 21:17

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