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This part of the embedded python source code works.

//Native Source Code [C - Like Language]
string zncauth = nick + ":" + password;

//Initializes Python for executing [Python Source Code]

//Python Source Code
PyExecute("import socket");

// Create Connetion
PyExecute("server_addr = ''");
PyExecute("server_port = 6667");
PyExecute("s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)");
PyExecute("s.connect((server_addr, server_port))");   
PyExecute("s.send( \'NICK botnick\\r\\n\')");   
PyExecute("s.send( \'USER znc bot znc :znc\\r\\n\')");  
PyExecute("s.send( \'PASS " + zncauth + " \\r\\n\')");  

This is the problem. It times out after 9 minutes and is disconnected from the server. My guess is the while statement runs once.

// Ping Pong    
PyExecute("while True:\'\\n\'");    
PyExecute("data = s.recv(4096)");
PyExecute("if data.find( \"PING\" ) != -1:\'\\n\'");
PyExecute("s.send ( \'PONG \' + data.split() [ 1 ] + \'\\r\\n\' )");
PyExecute("if data.find ( \'You need to send your password. Try /quote PASS <username>:<password>\' ) != -1:\'\\n\'");
PyExecute("s.send (\'PASS " + zncauth + " \\r\\n\')");

This is the latest version of the problem while loop I've tried. When it runs, there is no noticeable difference in this or the above version of the while loop.

    PyExecute("data = s.recv(4096)");
PyExecute("while data != 0:\'\\n\'");   
PyExecute("if data.find( \"PING\" ) != -1:\'\\n\'");
PyExecute("if data == 0:\'\\n\'");

This is the executable of the same python code above. It stays on the irc network for hours, but I need to send messages through the connection it's created. I need to either find a way to send messages through this executable which will in turn process the message or embed the while statement properly so that it works in the native code.

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import socket

zncauth = 'nick:password'
server_addr = ''
server_port = 6667
s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
s.connect((server_addr, server_port))   
s.send( 'NICK botnick\r\n')
s.send( 'USER znc bot znc :znc\r\n')
s.send( 'PASS ' + zncauth + ' \r\n')

while True:
    data = s.recv(4096)
    if data.find ( 'PING' ) != -1:
        s.send ( 'PONG ' + data.split() [ 1 ] + '\r\n' )
    if data.find ( 'You need to send your password. Try /quote PASS <username>:<password>' ) != -1:
        s.send ('PASS ' + zncauth + ' \r\n')
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First off, it's not clear what PyExecute actually is; it isn't provided by Python itself. I've found one library out there that provides things called PyInit and PyExecute -- it offers Python integration for something called Metatrader -- and I'm going to guess that that's what you're using. Even if you're not, what you're actually using may be similar enough for what follows still to make sense.

So, anyway, what you're doing now certainly can't be right: what do you expect the Python interpreter to do when you tell it to execute while True:? The only possible answers are (1) an infinite loop with an empty loop body, and (2) nothing until you've somehow provided the loop body and told it you've finished doing so. The first of those subdivides into (1a) do nothing useful because it's a syntax error and (1b) loop for ever doing nothing. None of these outcomes is going to be any use to you. (I am pretty sure the actual answer is either (1a) or (1b) but haven't checked which.)

What you actually need to do is to provide PyExecute -- which I think is a thin wrapper around the actually-part-of-Python PyRun_SimpleString -- with a complete statement to execute. That would be the whole loop. So give it the whole thing, including newlines and indentation, and see if that behaves better.

I emphasized "and indentation" there because as it stands your code is wrongly indented, and in Python indentation is actually used by the parser. The relevant bit probably wants to be something like this:

while True:
    data = s.recv(4096)
    if data.find ( 'PING' ) != -1:
        s.send ( 'PONG ' + data.split() [ 1 ] + '\r\n' )
    if data.find ( 'You need to send your password. Try /quote PASS <username>:<password>' ) != -1:
        s.send ('PASS ' + zncauth + ' \r\n')

The stuff before the loop, being just one statement per line, is probably fine as it is.

To clarify what I meant by "give it the whole thing": you need a single string containing the multi-line code, something like this:

    "while True:\n"
    "  data = s.recv(4096)\n"
    "  if (data.find('PING') != -1:\n"
    "    s.send('PONG' + data.split()[1] + '\\r\\n')\n"


  • each line ends with an explicit \n
  • each line is appropriately indented with spaces at the start
  • I've used C's automatic-concatenation feature where if you write a bunch of "..." strings with only whitespace between them they get treated as a single longer string; if you're actually writing in some other C-like language and it happens not to support that syntax then the code will look a bit uglier
  • backslashes inside the code are escaped (again I'm assuming C syntax for strings, which may or may not be correct if you're using a different language)
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I removed the indentation from the executable for readability on stackoverflow. But I'll keep it next time. Yes, PyExecute is part of an integration package for Metatrader [MQL4], which is the the native code in question. I will work on finishing the loop and see if that fixes it. Thank you. –  user1337878 Apr 29 '12 at 20:10
That didn't work. I tried several versions. –  user1337878 Apr 29 '12 at 21:56
I might be able to find some support using PyRun_SimpleString. Thanks for the help. –  user1337878 Apr 29 '12 at 22:15
In what way didn't it work? What exactly did you try and what happened when you tried? –  Gareth McCaughan Apr 29 '12 at 22:16
It takes 9 minutes to find out if each version works. :) Most notably, I tried the examples here: http://wiki.python.org/moin/WhileLoop Both versions connected to the server and disconnected in 9 minutes. The only one that hasn't disconnected and is still running is the example executable above. –  user1337878 Apr 29 '12 at 22:23

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