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i'm trying to get all files from a remote server with sftp command via Linux shell script, my code is:

    lftp -u ${sourceEnv},${password} sftp://${Host}<<EOF
    cd $sourceBuildDir/build/64/trace/products/lib/
    get *

the problem is that i get the next output when running the script: get: Access failed: No such file (*)

It doesn't recognize the * sign which is basically was used by me to specify that i need to get all files from that directory, i tried to quote it like '' or "" and it still doesn't work. The script does work whenever i specify the full name of a file in a get command, but i need it to be more generic. How do you think i should implement that ? Thanks in advance guys.

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you need mget *. It won't recurse on dirs, however, you might luck out with mget */*, mget */*/* ... but that sort of thing is very client version specific. Good luck. – shellter Apr 30 '12 at 1:39
Thanks, it worked perfectly. – Robert Dvir Apr 30 '12 at 7:43

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I'd probably set up passwordless, passphraseless ssh first, to avoid passing a password on the command line. Passwords sent on the command line show up in ps, which is a security issue.

That will also make it so you can do this with a single-line scp, instead of a multiline lftp.

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thanks, for the quick answer, but i have a problem in setting up a passwordless login, because those are company machines, and have problem by doing it in single scp command, because i have to get to multiple directories on that machine and get files from there, so i thought that opening an sftp connection will be much more efficient. – Robert Dvir Apr 29 '12 at 22:20

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