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I have JSON: {"status":"ok","squares":{"3x13":"0","3x12":0,"4x12":0,"2x13":0,"4x13":0,"4x14":2}}

How can i translate this to key-value array in javascript?

        for (var s in s.squares) {

gives only keys, like 3x13, 3x12. How get the values?

P.S. Sorry for bad Engish.

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your loop for (var s in s.squares) will iterate each property of the object refered to by s.squares to get the value as well you simply have to do s.squares[s] so the loop would be something like:

for (var key in s.squares) {
   var value = s.squares[key];

how ever you'd probably want to safe guard yourself a bit and write the itertion like:

var squares = s.squares;
for (var key in squares) {
      var value = squares[key];
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If the JSON is a String, you can use jQuery.parseJSON to convert it to a JSON Object. If you have the Object, use

for (var key in json) {
    console.log("key:", key, "value:", json[key]);
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