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I have a makefile from a sample project that tries to reference the parent directory as "../bin". This does not seem to work when running "make install". The error I get is:

cp: cannot stat `/bin/build/*': No such file or directory

The layout of the project is:



(So when I run the makefile, the current directory is /src/)

It appears referencing the parent directory with ".." is incorrect. I know I can reference the current directory with {$CURDIR} variable, but I need to know the proper variable or way to reference the parent directory so /bin/ is referenced correctly. I think I might be able to work around this by moving the makefile, but I want to know the real way to do this for future use.

The makefile looks like this (problem ares highlighted with ##### problem ######)

# The name of the extension.
extension_name := xulschoolhello

# The UUID of the extension.
extension_uuid :=

# The name of the profile dir where the extension can be installed.
profile_dir := 8mtbjosv.development

# The zip application to be used.
ZIP := zip

# The target location of the build and build files.
bin_dir := ../bin ##### problem ######

# The target XPI file.
xpi_file := $(bin_dir)/$(extension_name)2.xpi

# The type of operating system this make command is running on.
os_type := $(patsubst darwin%,darwin,$(shell echo $(OSTYPE)))

# The location of the extension profile.
ifeq ($(os_type), darwin)
  profile_location := \
    ~/Library/Application\ Support/Firefox/Profiles/$(profile_dir)/extensions/\{$(extension_uuid)\}
  ifeq ($(os_type), linux-gnu)
    profile_location := \
    profile_location := \
      "$(subst \,\\,$(APPDATA))\\Mozilla\\Firefox\\Profiles\\$(profile_dir)\\extensions\\{$(extension_uuid)}"

# The temporary location where the extension tree will be copied and built.
build_dir := $(bin_dir)/build ##### problem ######

# This builds the extension XPI file.
.PHONY: all
all: $(xpi_file)
    @echo "Build finished successfully."

# This cleans all temporary files and directories created by 'make'.
.PHONY: clean
    @rm -rf $(build_dir)
    @rm -f $(xpi_file)
    @echo "Cleanup is done."

# The sources for the XPI file.
xpi_built := install.rdf \
             chrome.manifest \
             $(wildcard content/*.js) \
             $(wildcard content/*.xul) \
             $(wildcard content/*.xml) \
             $(wildcard content/*.css) \
             $(wildcard skin/*.css) \
             $(wildcard skin/*.png) \
             $(wildcard locale/*/*.dtd) \
             $(wildcard locale/*/*.properties)

$(build_dir) $(xpi_built): $(xpi_built)

# This builds everything except for the actual XPI, and then it copies it to the
# specified profile directory, allowing a quick update that requires no install.
.PHONY: install
install: $(build_dir) $(xpi_built)
    @echo "Installing in profile folder: $(profile_location)"
    @cp -Rf $(build_dir)/* $(profile_location)     ##### problem ######
    @echo "Installing in profile folder. Done!"

$(xpi_file): $(xpi_built)
    @echo "Creating XPI file."
    @$(ZIP) $(xpi_file) $(xpi_built)
    @echo "Creating XPI file. Done!"

I am using GNU Make 3.81 on Linux Mint 12.


Output of

@echo "Installing in profile folder: $(profile_location)"
    @echo ${build_dir}
    @echo ${profile_location}

is :

Installing in profile folder: ~/.mozilla/firefox/8mtbjosv.development/extensions/
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I think you should try to check that the destination folder, $(profile_location), exists and that it is writable. Also, make sure that the line endings have the proper Linux format (\n). I'm not able to spot any other error at the moment.

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Doesn't seem to be the issue. I chmod'd $(profile_location) and still get the same error. Line endings are fine too. – Bryan Apr 29 '12 at 20:16
That's just plain weird... Could you do an echo on $(build_dir) and $(profile_location) instead of the cp? Also, have you typed the error here or have you copied it from the terminal? There is a small inconsistency in the quotes, if you look carefully... Maybe this is a clue. – Mihai Todor Apr 29 '12 at 20:24
The output is straight from terminal - and I agree it looks odd but not sure what could cause that. I have appended the output you requested to the end of the question. – Bryan Apr 29 '12 at 20:37
I just noticed that I have an error message from chmod (unrelated to this issue) that has the same quote format, so I think this is just terminal being weird: "Try `chmod --help' for more information." – Bryan Apr 29 '12 at 20:41
Maybe the "*" doesn't match what it should. Could you try to target a specific file instead? Just as a test... – Mihai Todor Apr 29 '12 at 20:46

What if it is running so that ../bin is relative to where the makefile is, but not where it is running? If make clean works, then it's a sign that might be the case. Look for some compiler options to give verbose output, then put a "pwd" statement there to see how it resolves.

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Both the makefile and where I am running from are the same (the src directory). Issuing a "pwd" right before the "cp" command correctly shows that the current directory is project/src. – Bryan Apr 29 '12 at 20:12
Maybe with the /* on the build_dir to the cp command doesn't contain any directories-the -R on the cp command is for recursive, I'm sure it will work if you put just build_dir there instead – Adam Miller Apr 29 '12 at 20:17
I tried removing the recursive option as well as getting rid of "/*" but neither worked. – Bryan Apr 29 '12 at 20:29

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