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today I wanted to use some variables in my shared/menu partial. I know that I should put somewhere in application_controller some helper method (or something like that) but it doesn't work for me. Here is my temporary solution (shared/_menu.html.haml):

- @pagecontents = Pagecontent.all
- @pagecontents.each do |pc|
      = link_to pc.title, pc

I don't want to define @pagecontents variable directly in my view! :/ My problem is to add @pagecontent variable somewhere to application_controller file but when I tried e.g:

def pagecontentforpartial
  @pagecontents = Pagecontent.all

and then tried to access this variable in my partial view I got an error that this method is nil (but there is already a lot of records!) Someone can explain me how solve this problem?

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You can pass object to your partial directly using render method

It's your shared/_menu.html.haml:

- pagecontents.each do |pc|
    = link_to pc.title, pc

And when you need to show it, you can use this method in your view

render 'shared/menu', pagecontents: @pagecontents

@pagecontents is from controller, of course

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this solved the problem, thanks! –  ofcapl Apr 30 '12 at 8:01

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