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I'm using jQuery to open a popup window which works great but I've also have it that the #content div detaches from "parent" page ...

$('.newWindow').click(function(ev){'popout.html','pop out','width=400,height=345');
return false;


link used:

<a href="popout.html" rel="0" class="newWindow">Pop Out Window</a>

How can I "re-attach" that div when pop up window is closed?

I've tried many of the answers I found here on SO but none seem to work.


It seems my browser cached the popup window as when I viewed the source (via right click view source) I noticed any changes I made IE the new JS code was not there so closed browser and reopened and hey presto code edits where there...

have temporarily gone for:

window.onunload = function(){

which refreshes the parent page on child close but would still prefer a reattach approach.

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you can try

var p; // where p may be of global scope

$('.newWindow').click(function(ev){'popout.html','pop out','width=400,height=345');
 p = $('#content').detach();
return false;

//on window close

 p.appendTo("body");//or where ever you want it to append
 p = null;

the code has been taken from example given here

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Create a temporary variable to store the div before detaching.

var content; // temp storage

$('.newWindow').click(function(ev){'popout.html','pop out','width=400,height=345');
     content = $('#content');
     return false;

When you need to reattach this in the DOM again, just use .appendTo()

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