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Is there any way in C# to use a Regex, but only return (with a Regex.Match) a part of the Regex? For example,

string input = "Hello my friend!";
string pattern = "\\w+ my friend.";
Console.WriteLine(Regex.Match(input, pattern)); //Returns "Hello my friend!"

But what if I just wanted the "Hello", or maybe just the punctuation at the end? I know I could do something like "^\\w+" (or even just .split(' ')[0]), but then that would match the first word of any input, and I'd only like it to match the first word if the rest of it matches with " my friend." Is there any way to do this, or would it be simpler just to do

string input = "Hello my friend!";
string pattern = "\\w+ my friend.";
if (Regex.IsMatch(input, pattern))
    Console.WriteLine(input.Split(' ')[0]);

(sorry if this is really simple or if I'm missing something, I've just started really using Regexs)



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Apart form the capturing groups suggested in other answers, you can also use a lookahead. So you can use an expression like "\\w+(?= my friend)" and the entire match will only return the \\w+ part.

In general, a pattern in the form a(?=b) where a and b are regular expressions matches a only if it is followed by b but does not match b.

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thanks, this is exactly the type of "hidden" regex I was looking for :) – MatthewSot Apr 29 '12 at 22:16

You can use "groups" to capture a specific part of a string. For example, let's say that you wanted to capture the name in Hello, John!. Our Regex would look similar to this:

/Hello, (.+)/

The () (group) operator captures anything within it. We could then use the following code to get the name.

var regex = new Regex(@"Hello, (.+)");
var match = regex.Match("Hello, John");

System.Console.WriteLine("Your name is {0}.", match.Groups[1]); // Your name is John.
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I think you are looking for capturing groups within Regex. You can identify a capturing group using parenthesis. For your particular example:

string input = "Hello my friend!";
string pattern = "(\\w+) my friend";
var match = Regex.Match(input, pattern);
Console.WriteLine(match.Groups[1]); // Prints "Hello"
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Or you could do it with a lookahead (untested, because I don't have any way to test c#)

"\\w+(?=\\s+my friend)"
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