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My Adobe Flex app relies on taking a user's details from Facebook, which will later be stored into my database. My remote server has a default date setting of yyyy-mm-dd, yet the birthday field retrieved from Facebook is the American mm-dd-yyyy as a string. I have decided that it makes sense to use my server's setting, especially as I can use the CURDATE() function. This leaves me in a tricky situation; so how would I go about modifying the string?

I imagined I would have to split the returned value into 3 sub values of day, month and year, then paste them back together in a different order. I have no idea how this would be done in Flex though. Can anybody help?


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var dateStr:String = "04-29-2012";
var parts:Array = dateStr.split("-");

if(parts == null || parts.length != 3)
  // Input error

dateStr = parts[2] + "-" + parts[0] + "-" + parts[1];
// Result : 2012-04-29
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Thankyou for this, but before I test it I must ask if the dateStr.split("-"); means that the string is broken up into parts that are divided by -? If so then I mist amend it to dateStr.split("/"); because Facebook returns it in a mm/dd/yyyy manner. – user1077544 Apr 29 '12 at 22:39
Yes, the argument is the split character. Replace it with dateStr.split("/") if that's what you want. Please accept the most helpful/correct answer to your question by clicking the check mark next to the answer. – debracey Apr 29 '12 at 22:42
I have done so. Thankyou for this. – user1077544 Apr 29 '12 at 22:53

I think you can use inbuild DateFiled Class for Dates manipulations. Following method can be used to parses a String object that contains a date and returns a Date object corresponding to the String.

stringToDate(valueString:String, inputFormat:String):Date

 var dob:Date = DateField.stringToDate("06/30/2005", "MM/DD/YYYY");

For more Details refer Adobe Helps on DateField.

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