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I have a Superfish-enabled horizontal menu that I would like to turn into a dropdown menu when the window loads at—or is resized to—less than 800 pixels wide. I would like that dropdown to return to a horizontal list if the window is resized to more than 800 pixels.

The horizontal menu looks like this, output via PHP (simplified here):

<ul id="menu-primary">
        <li id="menu-item-683">...</li>
        <li id="menu-item-10">
         <a class="sf-with-ul" href="about-us">About Us</a>
         <ul class="sub-menu"> </ul>

So I tried wrapping the menu like this:

$("#menu-primary").wrap("<ul id='menu-dropdown' class='sf-menu sf-vertical'><li id='li_drop' class='menu-item'></li></ul>");
$("#menu-primary").before("<span id='nav-dropdown' class='sf-with-ul'>MENU</span>");

And then calling superfish on the wrapper for smaller window sizes, and simply removing the superfish classes from the wrapper for larger window sizes with this:

    function menudrop(){
if ( $(window).innerWidth() < 800) {
    $("#menu-dropdown").addClass("menu menu-dropdown superfish sf-js-enabled");
    $('#menu-dropdown').superfish({delay:100,animation:{height:'show'},dropShadows: false, speed: 1});

else {
    $("#menu-dropdown").removeClass("menu menu-dropdown superfish sf-js-enabled");

It mostly works, but if I load the page at <800 pixels and resize to >800, #menu-primary doesn't show. I've tried making the CSS exactly the same as if I hadn't added the wrapper, but it doesn't work. It seems that I need to undo $('#menu-dropdown').superfish(); somehow, but I don't know how to do that.

Is this possible, or is there a better way of accomplishing this idea (without converting the menu to a <select><option>... menu)?

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Superfish must have a jquery event bound to the menu, so even when you change the html to exactly the old one, it might change the drop-down effect but it would still be buggy. Superfish effect is not reversible (I think) but you can define 2 styles for the same css on the drop-down menu, one you already have is #menu-primary, and make another one #menu-primary2 (or anything else), these two styles should be exactly the same. Before applying the superfish effect, save the old menu html:

var oldmenu = $('#menu-primary').html();

Then on browser size > 800 paste back the old html:


And apply the other class (with same styles) like this:

$('#menu-primary').attr("id", "menu-primary2");

Now the superfish effect wont work on this menu and the styles are still the same.

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