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I have an XML feed from an old website which contains news articles. I have to import these articles in to my new ExpressionEngine site. I intend to do so by parsing the XML and writing some PHP to do a simple insert.

I am quite confused about ExpressionEngines' schema, which table are the entries stored in? Also if there is a (free) extension to do this that would be great.

Any help is much appreciated.

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All ExpressionEngine posts are stored in the exp_channel_data (2.x) or exp_weblog_data (1.x) table.

For EE1.x I found this:

I could not find a free plugin to do an import for EE2.x.

For EE2.x I found these:


Found this free plugin that might be able to help you with an import in EE2.x:

MX Tool Box

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+1 for DataGrab, an add-on which has saved my hide many, many times. Well worth the price! – Bitmanic May 1 '12 at 15:11

Actually, magzalez's answer is incomplete - only custom field data is stored in exp_channel_data.

You also need to look at:

  • exp_channel_titles
  • exp_members (exp_channel_titles uses an author_id column, which has to correspond to an entry in exp_members
  • exp_category_posts, which is a relationship table connecting the entry_id from exp_channel_titles and the cat_id from exp_categories
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