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It seems happened after I debugged a dump file. How could I fix this? (Before I reinstall the IDE or even OS)

BTW, I am using Windows server 2008 R2

Error message box

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OK, problem solved by myself, I found there are lot of folder named XXX.dll generated by unknown things at IDE's path. I deleted them all, and I got my VS2010 back. –  Rob L Apr 30 '12 at 0:32

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Here is some extra information to go with the solution you provided in your question's comment (remove all *.dll and *.pdb folders in your IDE directory).

I was playing with the Microsoft Symbol Server settings earlier today. It must have dumped the symbol data into my IDE directory (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common7\IDE). I removed all of the *.dll and *.pdb folders. That did the trick. They all had the same date modified, so I simply sorted by that column to find everything I needed to delete.

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have you tried this:


have a look, the solution worked out for the guy who asked it. may help you as well.


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