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I am not so familiar with Eclipse plugin. I have one question on viewing/editing source code of a wizard dialog in Eclipse.

For example: In Eclipse, click File ->New->Class, the "New Java Class" wizard dialog appears.

My question is:

  1. How to view the source code of this wizard dialog?
  2. Can I modify the style of this wizard dialog? For example, the default value for "Superclass" is java.lang.Object, can I change the default value to another class(e.g. com.myown.myaction)?

Thank you!

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possible duplicate of How to view the source code of wizardDialog in Eclipse? –  Wooble May 4 '12 at 14:43
Nope, not a duplicate. The other question is about opening the sources of the WizardDialog, this one is about finding a sub-class of WizardDialog currently shown on the screen. –  oberlies Feb 12 at 12:59

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To quickly view a source of a UI element use Plug-in Selection Spy tool (press Alt+Shift+F1 on a selected UI element). Then if you know the class and plug-in it originate from you can import it into your workspace and browse.

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One might have to properly enable target platform and configure Java search for that to work. –  Basilevs Jan 29 at 16:01

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