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I want to call ps1 from command line, there are 2 files in same folder (very straight forward)


@set powershell=powershell.exe
echo ^^^&'%~dpn0.ps1' %*| "%powershell%" -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command -
exit /b %ERRORLEVEL%



The problem is: When I call test.cmd from command line, abc.txt does't get generated. but When I call test.ps1 from powershell ise from that folder, abc.txt is created. I'm also be able to call powershell.exe from that folder as well.

Did I miss something?

This issue was sorted. I have 's in my folder's name, once I remove it, it's working fine.

Thanks guys!!

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Are you sure ls>test.txt worked by just running the test.ps1 script?

You have to write is as ls > test.txt for it to work and I have confirmed that that works from test.cmd as well.

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Thank Manojlds, this issue was sorted out, pls see my comments. – Jake Chambers Apr 30 '12 at 4:09

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