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What do I need to put in my .screenrc so that I can create nested sessions (ie: a screen within a screen)?

At the moment, if I run screen again from within an open screen tab, instead of opening a new screen session within that tab, it just opens a new tab (ie: same effect as if I had pressed -C)

I want to get an outer screen session and an inner screen session - How do I do this please?

My .screenrc is empty except for the following single line to show the list of open tabs:

hardstatus alwayslastline "%{=w}%{G} %{b}%w"
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Can you elaborate on why you want to do this? Screen is a "window" manager. I can't imagine a reason to run one within another. Maybe you can just save your session, start another session, and switch between the two sessions as needed. –  nicerobot Apr 30 '12 at 4:55
So I can group common windows - eg: outer screen has 3 tabs, project1, project2 and project3, inner screen of project1 has a number of tabs open, all relating to project1, inner screen of project2 has tabs for that project etc. It's just an easy way to manage related tabs –  Steve Lorimer Apr 30 '12 at 6:33
I do the same thing using a GUI terminal app that supports tabs. Each GUI tab contains a separate Screen session. When i launch the terminal, each tab automatically connects to its Screen session. –  nicerobot May 1 '12 at 4:36
Hmmm - viable, but I don't use a tabbed terminal app... Thanks nonetheless! –  Steve Lorimer May 1 '12 at 7:36

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I don't know about editing your screenrc file, but what works for me is sshing into the same computer then starting a new screen instance. Hackish workaround, but it does work...

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Don't know if what you mean is to start some nested sessions from your screenrc or to set something in your screenrc so you can start nested sessions from the colon prompt.

For the first, I use a separate screenrc file, .screenrc.main, which contains

source ~/.screenrc
screen -t <window name> screen -S <nested session name> -e^jj <command>

I think the "new session name" part is necessary to get a new session. I use a different command character for the nested sessions. Also I am using a separate file because I don't want the command to be executed for the nested sessions. Then from command line I do

DISPLAY= screen -S <top session name> -c .screenrc.main

to start the outer session.

For the second, I just type in the screen -t line above in the colon prompt.

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This is a very old question, but for reference:

Start a MAIN screen session:

screen -S main

Start a second session (detached):

screen -dmS SomeName

From the tab you want nested session:

screen -r SomeName

Use and extra a for commands to nested screen, i.e. ^a-a-c to create a tab in the nested screen.

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